SPED Acronynms

Special Ed acronyms are out of control. Here's an example of a real life email* I got this morning:

Subject: PLS W/B!!!

The OT and PT and I are all confused about the new kid's IEP. Unfortunately, one of the kinders grabbed it and stuck it into the typewriter, and, to make a long story short, now we don't know which letters are supposed to go where. First, placement: Is this a child with SLD, ASD, TBI, MR, CP, D, D/B, DCD, DAS, or merely DD? What does the D&E say? The BIP? What's this kid's DON? DI? DS? We could always call the DDD or DDC. Important: Have they been given the label of DNR?

Since you're the SET on the ISP team, you need to tell the SEIF that the GET, OT, PT, SLP and entire ECT are worried about the implications of NCLB, IDEA, FAPE, the IASA and the ADA, and how they pertain to this KID. We don't want any trouble from the OCR or OSEP (let alone the CCSD SSSD!).



*not really.

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