As defined by working harder than I've ever worked on anything before in my life, to do something worse than it ought to be done, while utilizing precious few of the skills that I actually already possess.

Now, let's ironically pause to offer our congratulations to all of you who've decided to teach this year. It's not actually as bad as I just wrote. But it IS important to maintain an underlying optimism--or failing that, at least your sense of humor.

This week upcoming:

-two IEPs to write
-two parents to set up IEP meetings for the following week
-three kids to test extensively
-one report to write about the extensive test results of a kid
-implement centers (much fun for the kids, a little logistically hard for me, but well worth it in the long run)
-find a meaningful present for my significant other
-clean house
-you know, the fact that I can't remember anything more than this right now is actually a good sign. It means I may not go completely out of my mind.



This just in (your random political news for the evening)

Just so we're all clear, guns don't shoot people. Dick Cheney shoots people. Thank you.

(Hey, can you blame him? It's not like he ever trained with the military or anything...)



Roll Call!

If by some freakish chance you've stumbled across this site (hint: that's you, since you're reading this now), please leave a comment below. I'm trying to get some sense of how many people actually visit, regardless of how you got here.

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And I'm doing well! I just got back yesterday from Oberlin, after a 3.5 day trip attempting to recruit new teachers. It went well, with lots of interested potential fresh meat. Hopefully, at least someone will choose Vegas.

Comment below! Thanks again.