Long overdue

Hello to my faithful reader (Mom!).

Lest you think I'm dead, here's my two point update:

1. I got a keyboard! It's a Korg N1, has 88 keys, wasn't all that expensive considering, and has some great sounds and capabilities for my purposes. I am so happy to just be able to sit down and play when I want to/need to. It's something I have sorely missed.

2. Weekend Entertainment: tonight, I'm going to watch Day 2 of the Grand Sumo Tournament at Mandalay Bay Casino. These tickets normally cost $130, but I have a friend who had some free tickets to share, so there I go!

I cannot tell you how excited I am. I typically don't really get into the commodofied violence of the Wrestling on TV, but Sumo is a time honored tradition--an art form if you will. And the participants this evening are some of the top stars from Japan, so it's a multi-cultural event too! (Maybe I can get professional development credit out of this...)

I'm still teaching too. I just feel like I'm swimming these days, in stuff to do, schedule changes, professional development trainings that are utterly worthless (or at least entirely lacking in the "Hey! Here's something new!" department.

So to recap: No, I'm not dead. Yay keyboard. Yay Sumo. And last but not least, yay weekend.

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