Day 12 (Tuesday)

the bad

I still don't have my car. I need to go to DMV today to make them print off a piece of paper that says I'm the owner. Moral of this story: don't get your car towed.

the ugly

Duane got an office referral in my class today. It was enormously disappointing to realize that even my strict classroom management system isn't enough all the time. There are certain things students can do which get them sent out no matter where they are in my system--profanity, threatening, violence--and Duane chose to indulge the first two. Then, it's out of my hands, back into those of the greater system which, though there are good people within it, has failed kids like him before he even began.

I also learned that his incident over the weekend was probably intentional and even more horrifying than I had originally known. (Being deliberately vague here, obviously. Sorry.) So that weighs in pretty heavy too, mostly because I have yet to meet that side of him or see how pervasive it can be.

the good

My girlfriend/fellow teacher/confidant is being tremendously supportive. And tomorrow is a new day.

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